“Man, Man, Man, Line, Ball”- Coach McCleary

Coach Mike McCleary has been a member of the USPA for over 45 years and began his polo career at Texas A&M. At first playing football, his passion for polo quickly swept him away from the football field and placed him on the polo field and he has been enjoying playing polo ever since. Coach McCleary has coached three major universities to the National Championships. One thing that students will quickly learn about Coach McCleary is his famous saying, “Man, Man, Line, Ball” getting players to remember the basics in polo to be successful in games. Currently Coach McCleary has coached both the women and the mens to a back to back National Champions title and is hoping to gain a third title this upcoming nationals. Along with coaching at Texas A&M University, Coach McCleary is the owner and manager of River Bend Polo Club, which is located ten minutes from the TAMU Polo Club. River Bend consists of one beautifully groomed field, stalls, round pen, and a BBQ grill and picnic area. Coach McCleary often has the TAMU Polo teams come down and shoot penalty shots down by the river and often hold chukkers for club members and alumni to play. Texas A&M Polo Club would like to thank Coach McCleary for everything that he does for the club, team and students on and off the field.

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