Thank you for your interest in making a donation to the Texas A&M Polo Club! We accept all kinds of donations including horses, tack, horse supplies, and polo equipment. Please read below for more information about donating to the club.

Wish List

Below is a list of items that are currently needed by the club. If you would like to donate any of the items on this list please contact our President and Treasurer (see the “Officers” page for contact information).

  • Gag bits and bridles
  • Saddles
  • Stirrup Leathers
  • Feed Cart
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Rubber mats
  • Poultice
  • Liniment

Donating Horses

If you are interested in donating a horse to the polo club please contact our President and Horse Care officer for more information (see “Officers” page for contact information). Before a horse can be accepted by the club the following must be completed:

  • At least two officers must ride the prospective horse to establish its suitability for a majority of the members in the club.
  • The horse must pass a basic vet check.
  • The proper donation forms must be completed and accepted by the Department of Recreational Sports.

After the above requirements have been fulfilled, the horse may be brought onto Texas A&M University property.

Donating Equipment & Merchandise

If you are interested in donating equipment or merchandise to the polo club please contact our President and Special Events officers (see “Officers” page for contact information). Examples of items we can accept are:

  • New or used tack in good condition
  • Barn equipment such as buckets, wheelbarrows, and shovels
  • Grooming and horse care supplies
  • Polo equipment such as mallets and balls

If you have any questions about what items we can and cannot accept contact our officers on the “Officers” page or e-mail us at for more information.

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