Meet the Women’s Team

Congratulations to our Women’s Team on being Back to Back National Champions!

National Championship Titles:

1994, 1995, 2018, 2019



Hannah Reynolds


Class of 2022

Major: English

Home: Maryland

Favorite Horses: Fea, Malachi, Hidalgo


Whitney Walker

Class of 2020

Major : Accounting

Home: Texas

Favorite Horses: Cervesita, Natasha, Dallas


Maddie Lange

Class of 2022

Major: Communications

Home: Midland, TX

Favorite Horses: Carta, Martina, Dallas


Joan Jackson


Class of 2024

Major: ALED

Home: Houston, TX

Favorite Horses: Sunny and Martina


Cara Kennedy


Class of 2024

Major: Chemical Engineering

Home: Houston, TX

Favorite Horses: Carta, Sunny


Grace Mudra


Class of 2024

Major: Architecture

Home: Belleville, TX

Favorite Horses: Linda, Carta


Olivia Reynolds


Class of 2024 

Major: Genetics

Home: Westminster, MD

Favorite Horses: Pepsi, Fea

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