How to Join and Membership

The Texas A&M Polo Club has approximately 60 members each year. We welcome anyone interested in learning about polo, regardless of experience. Each semester we get several new members who have no horse experience at all. The club has a string of about twenty polo ponies, so owning a horse is not a prerequisite for membership. Below you will find more information on what it is like to be a member of the Aggie Polo Club and how to become a member.


For those interested in the polo club, we recommend visiting our table at the MSC Open House. The open house takes place at the beginning of each semester and is an event where students can learn more about all the different clubs and organizations at Texas A&M. Both club and team members will be present, and we welcome any questions you might have. Look for us by the other sport clubs!

***Check our home page when it gets closer to the MSC Open House to find out exactly where we will be.


The week following the MSC Open House the Aggie Polo Club holds a free riding week. Each night of free riding week we welcome anyone interested in riding one of our awesome ponies to come out and ride, learn about polo, learn more about the club, and meet some current members. Come out and talk with current club members, team members, and officers. Everyone has a different riding and polo background and there’s sure to be someone you can relate to. No experience is necessary to come out and ride as we have horses to accommodate all levels of riders.

Free Ride 2021 has sadly passed for the semester, however, if you are interested in joining the club, feel free to email any of our officers for more information or questions. You are also welcome to attend our new member informational held at our barn on Monday, September 13th at 6:30pm.


Club members are required to pay dues at the beginning of each semester before they can participate in any club activities. The dues for members are as follows:

Non-Competitive Club Member: $400 total

  • $200 to the Department of Recreational Sports
  • $200 to the Texas A&M Polo Club

Competitive Team Members: $600 total

  • $600 to the Department of Recreational Sports


At the beginning of every week, club members receive the schedule of the week. Though activity times may vary from week to week, a typical schedule of the week is:

  • Monday: Club Tack Cleaning/Team Practice
  • Tuesday: Club Riding
  • Wednesday: Club Chukkers
  • Thursday: Club Riding
  • Friday: Team Practice
  • Saturday: Club Riding/Clinic Day
  • Sunday: Horses Day Off 🙂

If  you have any questions about the club or club membership please contact one of our officers on the “Officers” page or e-mail us at

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