Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Howdy everyone!

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Second Annual Clay Shoot a big success! A big thank you to Tonkaway Ranch for hosting us and Good Bull BBQ for catering lunch! We truly appreciate everyone who does so much to support our club!

Because of Thanksgiving break, we will have a very short schedule for this week. The Schedule of the week is as follows:

  • Monday: Riding at 4pm with Megan and Brooke
  • Tuesday: Riding at 4pm with Megan and Brittany

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! For those of you heading out of town for the holiday, please be safe!

Thanks and Gig’em!

Honey Baked Ham Holiday Fundraiser

Howdy Everyone!

This holiday season, give the gift of tasty food while supporting the Texas A&M Polo Club! We have partnered with Honey Baked Ham for a gift card fundraiser. Follow the link below to go to our fundraiser page. For every gift card purchased through our fundraiser page, 20% of the profits go straight back to our club! So, this holiday season, give the gift of tasty Honey Baked foods and help raise money for the Texas A&M Polo Club at the same time!

Click HERE to go to our Honey Baked Ham fundraiser page!!!

Thanks and Gig’Em!

Parents Day Fall 2016

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this Parents Day a great one! The venue was not ideal, but hopefully, next semester we will be able to use our own arena for the event!

Also, a big thank you to the Polio Family for cooking us an awesome lunch! Everything was so delicious and we appreciate you giving your time to cook for us!

Pictures from the event can be found in our photo gallery:

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support our club and all our wonderful club members!

Schedule of the Week 11/15

Howdy Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who came out for Parents’ Day! It was a blast and we hope ya’ll had fun too! If you have suggestions for how we can improve the event for the future, please let us know!


As a reminder, tomorrow at 6pm we are having our club meeting. We will be discussing important topics such as dues and membership that will affect everyone who plans to join the club again next semester. Please make an effort to come out to the meeting even if you have to come late! We want all of ya’ll to have a say in how things will change going forward.


Unfortunately, our arena is unusable until further notice, and since it gets dark so early we will only be able to accommodate one riding group each riding day. Please look at the schedule of the week below as we are riding at a different time this week! We may not be able to get everyone on a horse this week, but we will do our best. Unfortunately, the arena situation is out of our control.


Also, our Clay Shoot fundraiser is coming up this Sunday! If you want to volunteer but have not yet signed up, please contact Brittany or Emily to do so! This is our big fundraiser for this semester so we appreciate all the help we can get!
The schedule of the week is as follows:


  • Monday – Club Meeting at 6pm at the barn followed by tack cleaning at 7pm with Cacho
  • Tuesday – Team Practice at 6:30pm
  • Wednesday – Riding at 4:30pm with Taylor, Brooke, and Emily
  • Thursday – Club Practice at 6pm
  • Friday – Riding at 4:30pm with Brooke and Brittany
  • Saturday – Riding at 4pm with Megan, Brooke, and Taylor
  • Sunday – Clay Shoot Fundraiser!


Thanks and gig’em!

Schedule of the Week 11/7

Howdy everyone!

This Saturday we are having a club tailgate for the Ole Miss game! If you want to join us, please text or email Brittany to RSVP! Her contact info can be found on the “Officers” page. We need to get a head count for food, so if you want to hang out, watch the game, and eat tasty food, be sure to let her know you are coming!
Also, don’t forget that Parents Day is coming up on Sunday! Be sure to sign up by the deadline if you want to participate!
Next Monday, November 14 at 6pm we will be having an important meeting for all the club, team, and officers. We will be discussing topics that directly affect you as club members such as changes to how we accept new members and possible changes to dues amounts. We want your input! Please plan to come out to this meeting, especially if you plan on joining the club again next semester! I cannot stress enough how important it is for everyone to try and make this meeting! I will send out another reminder next week before the meeting.
The schedule of the week is as follows:

  • Monday- Tack cleaning at 7pm with Connor and Marissa
  • Tuesday- Team practice at 6:30pm
  • Wednesday- Riding at 5:30pm with Taylor Marissa Brittany
    Thursday- Club chukkers at 6pm with Marissa and Dalton (see Brooke’s sign up email)
  • Friday- Riding at 5:30pm with Megan Emily Brooke
  • Saturday- Club tailgate in front of the rec time TBA (Email Brittany if you want to come so we can get a headcount for food!)
  • Sunday- Parents Day! (See previously sent sign up email)
Thanks and Gig’em!

Schedule of the Week 10/31

Howdy everyone!

The schedule of the week is as follows:
  • Monday: Tack cleaning at 7pm with Brittany and Christian
  • Tuesday: Team practice at 6:30pm
  • Wednesday: Riding at 5:30pm with Taylor, Brittany, and Marissa
  • Thursday: Club chukkers at 6pm with Dalton and Casey
  • Friday: Riding at 5:30pm with Brooke and Megan
  • Saturday: Riding at 4pm with Taylor, Brooke, and Brittany
  • Sunday: Team practice at 2pm
Thanks and Gig’em!

Schedule of the Week 10/10

Howdy polo people!

This week, our teams will be traveling to UVA to compete against some of the top intercollegiate polo teams in the country! Be sure to wish our team members luck if you see them!

Since the team members will be gone, the club will be getting extra chukkers days this week! PLEASE READ BROOKE’S CHUKKERS EMAIL THIS WEEK VERY CAREFULLY AS WE WILL BE DOING SIGN UPS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT THIS WEEK!!! If you do not follow instructions or sign up correctly, you will not be participating!


This coming Sunday, we will be opening our officer meeting to any club members who would like to attend. It will be at 7pm, location TBA. I will email out later in the week to announce the location. Please come ask questions, address problems, bring up suggestions, or just listen! We value ya’ll’s input!


Also, I’d like to thank everyone for their patience as we figure out how best to run riding. We seem to have the two riding group system mostly figured out, but please bear with us as we continue to fix any issues that may come up.


This week, A group riders please show up between 5:20 and 5:40 on your assigned riding day. A group riders will be responsible for grooming and tacking their pony and mucking one stall after you ride.


B group riders, please get to the barn no later than 6:25 on your assigned riding day. If you get to the barn while the A group is tacking up, please feel free to help the A group person who is riding your horse to tack up. Once A group has finished riding, B group will get on their horse and ride. B group riders will be responsible for untacking and hosing off their pony and cleaning any stalls that still need to be mucked.


The schedule of the week is as follows:


Monday– 7pm tack cleaning at the barn with Mimi and Megan.


Tuesday– Club Chukkers at the barn at 5:30(see Brooke’s sign up email!)


Wednesday– Riding at 5:30pm with Taylor and Brittany (sign up via email!)


Thursday – Club Chukkers at 5:30pm at the barn with Cacho and Luke (see Brooke’s sign up email!)


Friday– Riding at 5:30pm with Brooke, Megan, and Taylor (sign up via email)


Saturday– Horses have day off


Sunday– Club Chukkers at the barn at 9am (see Brooke’s sign up email!). The officers will have our weekly meeting at 7pmand it will be open to all club members! Please come listen, ask questions, bring suggestions, or talk to us about problems you have had in the club. We are here for you guys!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an officer!