Schedule of the Week 9/26

Howdy Everyone!

We are trying something different this week, so please read thoroughly!

If you have come out to riding recently, you have probably noticed that we have had to turn away tons of people because we do not have enough spots for riding each day. This has led to riding sometimes filling up days in advance because we have to turn away so many people. To try and fix this, we are trying something new this week. We are going to have people sign up in order to attend riding. Anyone who wants to attend riding will have to email me with the days they want to attend riding. We will assign everyone to a day to ride and we will assign horses ahead of time. By doing things this way, we hope that everyone will get to ride at least once a week and we will not have to turn people away the day of riding.
Also, this week we will be having a beginner clinic to work on basic riding and horsemanship skills with our beginner riders. Beginner clinic participants will get practice tacking up, wrapping legs, grooming horses, and more in addition to small group riding instruction. We will be taking only two groups for the beginner clinic this week, so spaces are limited. We will prioritize those with minimal prior horse experience.
This week, If you want to attend riding or the beginner clinic, please reply to this email with the following information:
  • First and last name
  • Previous riding experience and if you are beginner or advanced
  • Horses you have ridden at the barn
  • Horses you would like to ride
  • Please list days you would be able to attend riding in order of preference (see schedule of the week below for days and times we are riding). If you are a beginner rider and would like to attend our beginner riding clinic, please let me know!
    1. First preference day
    2. Second preference day
    3. Third preference day (if applicable)
I will accept riding sign up emails until noon on Tuesday. After that, I will assign people to what day they will ride and what horse they will be on. I will email out Tuesday night with what day everyone will ride and what horse they will be on. The day you are assigned to ride, you must show up no earlier than 10 minutes early and no later than 10 minutes after riding starts. If you show up more than 10 minutes late, the officers reserve the right to give your spot away. Anyone who does not sign up to ride by the deadline is welcome to show up at the barn in case a spot becomes available, however we cannot guarantee you a spot and we will not put your name down for later in the week. We will see how this new system works this week, and we will change things if this does not work out. For now please bear with us as we try to figure out he best way to run riding with so many people.
The schedule of the week is as follows:
  • Monday – Tack Cleaning at the barn at 7pm with Marissa and Emily
  • Tuesday – Team Practice at the barn at 6:30pm
  • Wednesday – Riding at the barn at 5:30pm with Emily, Brooke, and Megan (you must sign up as described above to attend!)
  • Thursday – Club Chukkers at the barn at 6pm  with Ally and Connor (Note time change! See sign up email to follow!)
  • Friday – Beginner Riding Clinic and Riding at 5:30pm with Taylor, Megan, Brittany, Emily, and Marissa (you must sign up as described above to attend!)
  • Saturday – Make up riding for those who got rained out this past Saturday. Only those who were rained out this past Saturday are eligible to ride on this day. I will not accept sign ups for Saturday riding this week!
  • Sunday – Team Practice at the barn at 10am
I know things are different and confusing this week, so please let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks and Gig’em!
Megan Brown
Texas A&M Polo Club President

New Member Meeting Summary

Howdy everyone!

I apologize that this email is a bit late, but things have been quite hectic lately. Thanks to everyone who came to the new member meeting on Monday! For those of you who were not able to make it, you will find a summary of what was discussed below:

Club Rules:
1. Closed toe shoes at all times while at the barn!
2. You must have long pants and boots in order to ride!
4. No dogs at the barn ever!
5. No one is allowed in the barn without an officer unless they are at the barn to feed horses.
6. Be courteous to everyone at all times.
7. You must have paid dues and have an approved AOR to participate in club activities.

Schedule of the Week
Every Sunday I will send out the schedule of the week email. This will include all the activities we will be doing during the week as well as times and locations of these activities. All activities are open to everyone and are first come, first serve unless otherwise specified. For example, team practice is only open to team members and club chukkers are only open to those who sign up and make the cutoff for chukkers. Activities that require you to sign up in advance will be specified in the schedule of the week. If you have questions about the weekly schedule, please contact an officer.

Vice President- Brooke Bowers
The VP runs club chukkers every week. Club chukkers are your chance to come out and learn how to play polo! In order to attend club chukkers, you must have performed some sort of barn chore that week (no exceptions!) and you must sign up by replying to the sign up email that Brooke will send out at the beginning of the week! Team members will be out to teach new members the basics of polo. Everyone is expected to help before and after chukkers! If you must arrive late or leave early, you must email Brooke and let her know!

The VP also runs club tournament at the end of the semester. Club tournament is a fun time for club members to test their skills by competing against one another! To be able to attend club tournament, you must have attended club chukkers during the semester and you must be able to be safe on a horse with a mallet at a walk, trot, and canter and have a basic understanding of the rules of polo. When it gets closer to tournament time, we will discuss these requirements more.

Treasurer – Taylor Smith
Taylor is our treasurer and is responsible for collecting dues and managing our club accounts. She sent an email earlier in the week about how to pay dues and when she will be available.

Secretary – Dalton Woodfin
Dalton is our secretary and is responsible for making sure everyone has filled out AORs for the club. These are our release forms that you must fill out before you can get on a horse. If you are not sure if you have filled out an AOR, please contact Dalton.

Special Events – Brittany Diaz and Emily Vandermeer
Brittany and Emily are in charge or all special club events. This includes social events and fundraisers. They also are the ones who rider and sell out club merchandise. If you have social ideas or want to buy merchandise, please contact them!

Special events is also in charge of Parents Day! This is our big expo day where y’all will be allowed to show off your polo skills to your family and friends! We play outdoor polo and do some sort of cookout after we play! We will give y’all more information when it gets closer to parents day.

Horse Care – Marissa Wells
Marissa is in charge of overseeing the care of our ponies. She also coordinates feeding of the horses. If you are interested in helping feed the ponies or if you ever notice something wrong with a horse, please let her know!

That is the gist of what was discussed at the Monday meeting. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thanks and Gig’em!

New Member Meeting and Schedule of the Week 9/12

Howdy everyone!

Welcome back returning members and welcome new members!

Monday September 12th at 7pm we will be having our new member meeting at the polo barn! If you want to join the club or are thinking about joining please come out! We will be discussing club rules, the schedule of the week, how riding works, paying dues, and much more! We will also be having an ice cream social and merchandise available for purchase after the meeting!

Monday will also be the first day for new and returning members to pay their dues! Our treasurer will be present at the meeting and she will discuss how to pay dues and will start accepting payments. Please bring cash or check! Our treasurer will also be sending out an email with more info regarding paying dues.
If you have a conflict and cannot attend the meeting, we will post a summary  of everything that was discussed here on the website.

The schedule for the rest of the week is as follows (new members, we will discuss how the schedule of the week works at the meeting so save your questions for tomorrow!):

Monday – New member meeting at the barn at 7pm! Ice cream social to follow!
Tuesday – Team practice at the barn at 6:30pm. New members, feel free to show up to watch and learn.
Wednesday – Riding at the barn at 5:30pm
Thursday – Volunteer reward chukkers at the barn at 6pm. (see sign up email to follow)
Friday – Riding at the barn at 5:30pm
Saturday – Advanced riding at the barn at 9:30am with Megan and Taylor. BTHO Auburn!***To qualify for advanced riding, you must be able to tack up on your own and be comfortable riding at a walk, trot, and canter in English tack
Sunday – Team practice at 10am. New members, feel free to show up to watch and learn.

If you have any questions, please bring them to the meeting! Thanks and Gig’em!

Free Riding Fall 2016

Howdy all!

The Aggie polo club is excited to start a new semester! If you are interested in joining the club or just learning more about us, be sure to come out to Free Riding Week! Monday thru Friday this week, we invite all Texas A&M students to come out and ride one of our polo ponies for free! No experience is required! Just make sure you wear long pants and closed toe shoes. If you want to participate in free riding, please meet us at our barn off 2818 and F&B (see the “Facilities” page for directions) at 6:30pm. We will be checking people in and assigning everyone to riding groups. Our busiest days are usually Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so come out earlier in the week if you can!

To expedite the check in process, please be sure to fill out an AOR for our club! You will not be allowed to ride unless you have filled out this form! Once you have completed the AOR, you will receive a confirmation email. This confirmation email is what we will need to see at check in. The link to the AOR is:

We hope to see ya’ll out there this week!

Thanks and Gig’em!

free ride flier fall 16.png

Schedule of the Week 3/21 – 3/27

Howdy polo people!

Schedule of the week is as follows.
Monday: Tack Cleaning at 7 pm
Tuesday: Riding at 5:30 pm with Megan and Mailan
Wednesday: Riding at 5:30 pm with Brooke and Emily
Thursday: Club chukkers, meet at the barn at 7:30 pm. See signup email.
Friday: Chalk talk at 6:30 pm in the Rec.
Saturday: TBA
Sunday: Riding at 5:30 pm with Megan and Taylor
Thanks and Gig’em!

Schedule of the Week 3/7 – 3/13

Howdy polo people!

Schedule of the week is as follows.

Monday: Pony Bath Time at 6pm
-Instead of tack cleaning, we will be giving all of the ponies a shampoo bath this Monday. We appreciate all the help we can get bathing our pony herd!

Tuesday: Riding at 5pm with Emily and Brooke

Wednesday: Horses unavailable

Thursday: Movie Night at the Barn at 7:30 pm!
-Open to all members! We will be watching Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. We will project the movie onto the side of the barn and will watch the movie in the parking lot. Please bring lawn chairs and quilts to sit on, or a truck bed if you have it!

Friday: Horses unavailable.

Saturday/Sunday: SPRING BREAK!!!

Hope to see you all this week!


Schedule of the Week 2/29 – 3/6


Schedule of the week is as follows.

Monday: Tack Cleaning at 7pm
-Reminder: To be eligible to participate in club chukkers, you must have come to tack cleaning or performed some other barn chores with an officer’s supervision by this coming Thursday.

Tuesday: Advanced Riding at 5pm with Megan and Mai-Lan
-Horse availability will be limited. To qualify, you must be comfortable at a walk, trot, and canter.

Wednesday: Riding at 5pm with Taylor and Brooke

Thursday: Club Chukkers, arrive at the barn at 7:30 pm

Friday: Riding at 5pm with Brooke and Emily

Saturday: Trail ride at Coach Mike’s
-This is a reward for those who helped with last semester’s barn cleaning, but is open to all members.

Sunday: Men’s team will be travelling to Brookshire!
-This is a great opportunity to learn about upper level polo!