Alumni Tournament Spring ’23

Texas A&M Polo Club Alumni Tournament
2023 Overview:

The inaugural Texas A&M Polo Club Alumni Tournament is a spring polo
tournament played April 22nd-23rd over two days at ERG arena in Brookshire,
Texas (near Houston). Teams have the opportunity to participate in multiple 7.5
minute intervals of play known as chukkers, pending tournament advancement.
Points and win/loss ratios will be recorded and used to determine which teams
advance to the finals.  Participants may ONLY include former members of
the Texas A&M Polo Club.

Some exemptions may be made for substitutes or to fill teams so long as they
are former students of Texas A&M University and have relevant arena polo
experience. Exemptions are allowed on a case-by-case basis only and must be
approved by the tournament manager. Please contact Madelyn Newland at 817-822-9892
or with any questions.

Team rosters and game schedule TBD

Games will run throughout the day on
Saturday and are anticipated to conclude Sunday midday/afternoon.


·       Player registration form filled out
by April 7th,2023.


·       Horse registration form filled
out by April 7th,2023 IF PROVIDING OWN HORSES


·      Player must be former member of Texas A&M
Polo Club

·      All players must be current members of the USPA
and USPA handicaps will be used:


·      ​All players must have NOSCAE helmets per USPA regulations:


Entry Fees:

Entry Fee: $125 per person or $375 per team

Full entry fee can be paid to the Texas A&M Polo Club via online store link
listed below:

Entry payment Link : 

Team Entry Payment Link:–96537

Entry fees must be received before bowl-in of the first game via online payment.
Cash and check payments may also be accepted but must be paid in full before
bowl-in of the first game April. 22nd .


TAMU Polo club Horse Rentals:

For players who are unable to provide their own horses, a limited number of
Texas A&M Polo Club horses will be available for rent by playing

Horse rental fees must be paid in-full prior to the bowl-in of the first
game on April.22nd. No rider leasing horses from the Texas A&M Polo Club
will be allowed to mount until payment for horse usage has been received in
full via CASH OR CHECK ONLY  on-site or mailed-in to the TAMU Polo Club at 4250 TAMU,College Station, TX 77843 prior to tournament start.

Please contact tournament manager to reserve your rentals today: Madelyn
Newland 817-822-9892,


Rules and Tournament Conditions:

·      All games will be played under 2023 USPA arena
rules and abide by TSP guidelines.

  • All horses required to have current coggins that meet State of Texas
    requirements. Current annual vaccinations strongly recommended.

·      USPA rules will apply to all Equine Welfare aspects including Body Condition Score,
labored or unsound mount, drugs and medications, etc.

·      Players who fail to show up for games or show Unsportsmanlike
Conduct and will be penalized accordingly.


Winning Team

Best playing pony (BPP)

Most Valuable Player (MVP)


Outstanding Alumni

Winning team awards will be determined on a win/loss ratio and number of goals-scored
system. A shootout may be used in the event of tied ratios and points scored on
a per-team basis.
MVP, Outstanding Alumni, Sportsmanship and Best Playing Pony will be decided by
a group consisting of members of the TAMU Polo officer board.  Additional
members of the deciding group may include other individuals who have observed
the entire game and umpires.
Some awards are voted on by spectators, players and/or committee and not
subject to points.



Please contact the Texas A&M Polo
Club officer board or Tournament Manager with any questions.

Tournament Manager:

Madelyn Newland



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