TAMU Polo Ponies Make a Clean Sweep at USPA InterCollegiate Regionals

The Texas A&M Polo Pony strings both men and women made a clean sweep at the 2020 InterCollegiate Regionals this year, held at Brookshire Polo Club (ERG Arena). Both strings won best playing strings and we couldn’t be more proud of our excellent horses! Women’s polo pony, Sunshine, won best playing pony. Women’s polo pony, Fea, got honorable mention as Best Playing Pony behind Sunshine. And for the Men’s polo ponies, Flash was awarded Best Playing Pony.

Women’s String: Fea, Cervestia, Sunshine, Fort, Hidalgo, Martina, Carta

Men’s String: Flash, Tejano, Malachi, Jalisco, Marley, Natasha

Best Playing Pony for Men’s: Flash
Best Playing Pony for the Women’s: Sunshine
Thank you to this years HorseCare Officers Hannah Reynolds and Ashley Dillard for taking care of these amazing horses!

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