The Texas A&M Polo Club is a student-run organization. Its officers are elected each year by the members of the club. Below are the elected officers for the 2017-2018 year.

Abigail Polo Officer PicsAbigail Payne
Animal Science ’19
Favorite Pony: Martina
Hometown: Fort Hood, TX
Mariano Polo Officers PicsMariano Silva
Vice President
Industrial Distribution ’20
Favorite Pony: Marley
Hometown: Lima, Peru
Whitney Polo Officer PicturesWhitney Walker
Accounting ’20
Favorite Pony: Linda
Hometown: Elgin, TX
Kaleb Polo Officer PicsKaleb Vandervort
Animal Science ’21
Favorite Pony: Fortunata
Hometown: Cypress, TX
Erin Polo Officer PicsErin Trongaard
Horse Care
Zoology ’19
Favorite Pony: Full House
Hometown: Wylie, TX
Kayla Polo Officer PicsKayla Nash
Horse Care
Kinesiology ’20
Favorite Ponies: Malachi & Linda
Hometown: New Braunfels, TX
Caroline Polo Officer PicsCaroline Wilson
Special Events
Animal Science & Entomology ’20
Favorite Pony: Martina
Hometown: Memphis, TN

2 thoughts on “Officers

  1. hola soy sebastian gonzalez. cuido y trabajo caballos de polo aca en Cañuelas, Buenos Aires, argentina hace 25 años. y me puse en contacto con uds. para ofrecer mi trabajo. Ya que estoy buscando un cambio . de interesarle mi propuesta les envio mi curriculum. a la espera de una respuesta. agradezco y saludos . sebastian Gonzalez

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