Our Facilities


During the week we are very fortunate to have our very own polo barn located just minutes from campus. Our barn serves as the main home for our ponies when they are not in competition. The barn is located at 3869 F&B Road, just off Highway 2818 (Harvey Mitchell Pkwy).



Built in 2017, The Fighting Texas A&M Aggie Polo Team was granted a home arena built behind the Texas A&M Polo Barn for home games. Along with the newly built arena The Aggie Polo Team has the privilege of playing in the beautiful ERG Polo Club. The complex is located in Brookshire, Texas. The address for the arena is 1170 Wilpitz Road, Brookshire, Texas.


Following Coach Mike McCleary, owner of River Bend Polo Club has a large outdoor polo field that club and team members use between practices at the polo barn. Often here members work on their swings, go on trail rides and have BBQ’s! Team often practices there penalty shots here for many hours on Coach McCleary’s beautiful groomed field.


Our barn is located just down the road from the Hildebrand Equine Complex. However, the turn off of F&B Road can be easy to miss, especially in the dark. Our parking lot is boxed in red below. Look for a small sign labeled “College Station RV Park” and turn in there. Our parking lot will be located to your left.


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