Current Members

For all current members, here you will find information for you. This includes feeding information for the horses, weekly riding assignments, and other things important to our club members.

Club Constitution

Click here to read our club constitution.

Weekly Riding Assignments

Riding assignments are updated every Tuesday evening with horse assignments for the week. Please be sure to check assignments before riding in case the horse you are on has changed.

The assignment list will be updated every day if people cannot attend riding or fill in open slots. If you would like to request an open riding slot, please email the officer who sent our the riding sign up email with your request. Please remember that officers have the right to refuse your request if we believe you will not be able to safely ride the horse you requested.

Riding assignments for this week are:

Click here to access the riding assignments on a mobile device

Current Horse Feeding Information

Here you will find up to date instructions on how much each horse is being fed as well as information about who is currently on stall rest and special instructions for AM and PM feeders. If something is updated, we will email everyone to let them know that changes have been made. If you have any questions about feeding the horses, please contact our Horse Care Officer.

Click here to access feeding instructions on a mobile device.