Great Job Aggie Polo Men and Women!

This week at Nationals both our men and women played their best and did a great job!

The women won their first match against Oregon State, but they were defeated in their second match against number one seed UVA. The played hard and we are very proud of our Aggie ladies!

The men won their first match against Cornell in a shootout and made it into the finals. They played their hardest, but lost to Colorado State after a very close match. The Aggie men are this year’s National Intercollegiate Runner Ups and we are so proud of them!

Also, a big congrats to Dalton Woodfin who won the Sportsmanship Award and Cacho Galindo who won one of the All-Star Awards! Way to go boys!

We are so proud of our Aggies! Gig’em!

The men and women with Coach McCleary

The men and women with Coach McCleary

Nationals 2015!

Howdy Aggie Polo Fans!

Our Aggie Polo Men and Women will be heading to Connecticut for the Intercollegiate National Tournament this Sunday! Be sure to wish them luck, and if you are an east coast Aggie be sure to show up to show your support! Gig’em Ags!

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Regional Champions!

Congratulations to our Aggie women for becoming this year’s Central Regional Champs! They will move on to the Nationals in Connecticut to compete for the National title! Our Aggie men also played hard and were our Regional runner-ups! Special congrats to Lara Straussfeld, Kendall Plank, and Cacho Galindo who were named All-Stars! Cacho also won the men’s sportsmanship award! Congratulations Aggies!

Our ponies also won some awards this weekend! Both the men’s and women’s strings won best playing string, and Sunshine won women’s best playing pony! We are so lucky to have such talented and hardworking horses in our program! Thank you to everyone who has donated ponies to our club!

Gig’em at Nationals, ladies! WHOOP!

Intercollegiate Central Regional Finals

Howdy All!

Both our men and women have played their hearts out this weekend and have advanced to the central regional finals! The men play at 10am tomorrow and the women play at 12pm at ERG! The teams that win the finals will advance to the National tournament in Connecticut, so be sure to come out and cheer on our Aggies! You can find directions to ERG arena on out “Facilities” page.

Thanks and Gig’em!

Dues!! Please read everything!!!

I know it is your favorite time of year in the club: dues time! Please read this WHOLE message as there is a new policy in place for paying dues.
As before, you will pay me part of your dues that will go straight to the Polo Club. However, instead of me taking the full amount of dues, you must now pay the TAMU Foundation (Rec) money at the Rec. So, this is how it will work. You will pay me cash or check (made out to “Polo Club”) for the amount that I will discuss later in this email. Then, you must go to the Rec, go to the member services desk on the right hand side as soon as you walk in, go to the kiosk, and pay the amount described later in this email. NOTE: the people working the desk will not know how much money you are supposed to pay, so you must know the amount before going. Then, when you get a receipt, SAVE THE RECEIPT. You must give this receipt to me before you are allowed to participate. If I am not at the barn when you first bring the receipt, show it to the officer running riding, but give it to me at a later time. The kiosk is in $50 increments, so press it however many times you need to reach the amount you are supposed to pay. I apologize if this is an inconvenience, but this is how all of the sport clubs will now be run. You may pay me by check or cash, and you may pay the Rec by cash, check, or a debit or credit card.
Dues will be due by February 16th, 2015. Failure to pay by this date will result in a $100 late fee and you will not be allowed to participate in any riding activities.
You may do a payment plan, where you pay half now and half later. The second half will be due March 27th, 2015. This is an optional way to pay, not required.
This will be the breakdown of dues:
Paying in full: $150 to Polo Club, $100 to the Rec (if check, made out to “Texas A&M”)
Payment Plan: $75 to Polo Club, $50 to the Rec
Paying in full: $150 to Polo Club, $200 to the Rec (if check, made out to “Texas A&M”)
Payment Plan: $75 to Polo Club, $100 to the Rec
Paying in full: $200 to Polo Club, $350 to the Rec (if check, made out to “Texas A&M”)
Payment Plan: $100 to Polo Club, $175 to the Rec (Because the kiosk is only in $50 increments, I suggest you do the full payment or else you will have to pay $200)
I will try to make myself as available as possible for you to pay me. Please please join the Facebook group (Aggie Polo Club Page) because I will be updating constantly where I am so that you can find me on campus and pay me in addition to being at the barn. As for this week, I should be at the barn on Tuesday and Thursday, but if things change, I will update y’all via Facebook.
Again, money is due by February 16th. No exceptions.
Feel free to ask me any questions. I think I covered everything, but I probably forgot something that I will include in a later email!
Thank you,
Caitlin Smith
For any questions you can email Caitlin at

Free Ride Week Spring 2015

Howdy everyone and welcome back to spring semester!!

The schedule for out biannual Free Ride Week will be as follows:

Monday: 4:00-6:00 PM
Tuesday: 4:00-6:00 PM
Wednesday: 4:00-6:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00-11:00 PM
Friday: 9:00-11:00 PM
Please arrive at the barn 30 minutes early to ensure that we start on time!
Also, dont forget to fill out your AOR form online before you come:

You can also find us on Facebook if you search “Aggie Polo Club Page”!

Thanks and Gig ’em!!