Schedule of the Week 10/26 – 11/1

The schedule of the week is as follows:
Monday– Tack Cleaning 7pm with Gideon and Brooke
Tuesday– Riding TBA
Wednesday– Riding TBA
Thursday– Chukkers at 6:30pm. See sign up email.
Friday– Riding 5:30pm with Taylor and Brooke. Halloween Social after riding!
Saturday– Alumni Tailgate and BTHO South Carolina!
Sunday– Team Practice at ERG.
Thanks and Gig’em!

Schedule of the Week 10/12 – 10/18

Howdy polo folks!

Before we get to the schedule of the week, please see the following notice.
We are now enacting a two-strike policy pertaining to events which require signups. Unfortunately, we have had several instances of members signing up for events such as chukkers/riding clinics and failing to notify an officer when they decide to cancel. This results in spots for the event going unfilled when other members may have wished to sign up. From now on, any member that signs up for an event and fails to cancel will receive a warning. Upon the second occurrence, that member will be banned from signing up for any event for two weeks.
Also we have been noticing that many people aren’t aware of our club Facebook page! The group is private and you must request to be added as a member. The name of the group is Aggie Polo Club Page, and we use the page to keep members up to date on schedules, last-minute riding opportunities, etc. Please join!
Schedule of the week is as follows:
Monday: Tack Cleaning @ 7 PM with Brooke & Casey
Tuesday: Riding @ 5:30pm
Wednesday: Riding @ 5:30pm
Thursday: Club chukkers, meet at the barn @ 6:30 PM. See signup email.
Friday: Riding @ 5:30 PM with Emily & Brooke
Saturday: BTHO Alabama! Whoop!!
Sunday: Riding @ 10:00 AM with Megan & Lara
Thanks and gig’em!

1st Annual Polo Club Alumni Tailgate

Calling all Polo Club Alumni!

Polo club is hosting a tailgate on October 31st! Help us BTHO out of South Carolina and stop by for some Texas BBQ and catch up with the club! The event is free of charge just RSVP to Taylor Smith so we can get a head count. Her contact information and more information about the tailgate can be found on the attached flier .

Thanks and Gig’em!

Tailgate flier

Schedule of the Week 10/5 – 10/11

Schedule of the week is as follows. Please note that there is a lot of information in this schedule, so be sure to read it completely!

NOTE: We have been having some issues with people arriving too early to the barn for riding. As we have emphasized multiple times, we request riders show up ten minutes early MAXIMUM. From now on, members that show up earlier than this will be tasked with mucking the barn and your horse will be assigned after your task has been completed.

Monday: Tack cleaning @ 7 pm with Megan and Marissa

Tuesday: Polo Game Rules Lecture and “Chalk Talk” with Coach Mike from 7-9 PM at the Rec, room 255. Both new and returning members are STRONGLY encouraged to attend to learn more about how the game of polo is played!
**See below the schedule for directions to this location.

Wednesday: Outdoor Club Chukkers for returning advanced members. Meet at the barn at 4 pm. See signup email.

Thursday: Club Chukkers, meet at barn @ 6:30 PM. See signup email.

Friday: Riding @ 5:30 PM with Brooke and Taylor, then MOVIE NIGHT AT THE BARN! After riding concludes we will project a movie on the side of the barn. Movie options will be listed on the club Facebook page in a poll. Be sure to cast your vote and bring a lawn chair or quilt to sit on!

Saturday: Team will be travelling to Brookeshire to practice arena polo and club members are invited to come watch and learn! However, spots are limited and you must be approved by team to attend. This is a great opportunity to come watch fast polo and learn more about how the game is played. If you are interested and would like to be considered for a spot, please respond to my “schedule of the week” email with your first and last name, horse experience, and a 1-2 sentence explanation of why you would like to attend. Signups for this opportunity will close Tuesday (October 6) at 7 PM.

Sunday: Riding @ 10:30 AM with Brooke and Taylor


After entering the rec, take a left to the large staircase past Smoothie King. Take the stair case and walk past the office on the left. Take a left down the hallway, then room 255 is the conference room to the left at the end of the hall.

Thanks and Gig’em!

Schedule of the Week 9/28 – 10/4

Howdy All!
NEW MEMBERS: Regarding signup emails and signups in general…only events which state “see signup email” will require signups. Regular riding does not require signups. Additionally, signup emails only count if they are in response to the email which addresses that particular event. Signups sent in response to unrelated emails (example: this email) are not valid.

Monday: Tack cleaning @ 7 PM with Casey and Taylor

Tuesday: Beginner Clinic @ 5:30 PM with Megan and Mailan. See signup email.

Wednesday: Riding @ 5:30 PM with Emily and Brooke

Thursday: Club Chukkers, meet at barn @ 6 PM. See signup email.

Friday: Riding @ 5:30 PM with Emily and Brooke

Saturday: BTHO Mississippi State

Sunday: Morning Advanced Riding Clinic, time and location TBA
Thanks and Gig’em!

Schedule of the Week 9/21 – 9/27

Howdy Everyone!

**NEW MEMBERS: Please see below the schedule for details pertaining to weekly riding.**

Schedule of the week is as follows.

  • Monday: Tack Cleaning @ 7 pm with Emily and Dalton
  • Tuesday: Riding @ 6 pm with Megan and Brooke
  • Wednesday: Beginner Riding Clinic @ 6 pm with Emily, Brooke and Taylor. See signup email.
  • Thursday: Club Chukkers. Meet at the barn @ 6 pm. See signup email.
  • Friday: Riding @ 6pm with Megan and Mailan
  • Saturday: BTHO Arkansas
  • Sunday: Trail ride for those who helped with barn cleanup prior to the start of the semester. See email to come.

DETAILS OF WEEKLY RIDING: We have had some confusion about how riding works and what is required to participate.

In order to participate in riding, you must have an approved AOR and as of this week you must have paid your dues. Having signed a dues contract will no longer be adequate to ride; you must have either paid your dues in full or paid the first portion of the payment plan.

Additionally, you must wear proper riding attire. Proper riding attire consists of long pants and boots with a heel. Tennis shoes, sandals, flip-flops, etc. are not acceptable. Capri pants are not acceptable unless you wear a tall boot which protects your lower leg. Shorts are not acceptable under any circumstances.

If you show up to riding and do not have an approved AOR or have not paid your dues or are not wearing proper riding attire, you will not be allowed to ride. No exceptions.

Also keep in mind that riding fills up quickly and we do not reuse horses like during free riding week. Riding is first come first serve, and once a horse is assigned, it is no longer available for that day. Additionally, we do not pick up at the bus stop for riding. The bus stop carpool was only for free riding week and we will no longer be providing this service. In short, be on time and make sure you have a ride to the barn. We ask that you show up within 10 minutes of the scheduled riding time.

Sorry for the long post, everyone. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Hope to see you all out this week!